my name is Edoardo Angelucci, Italian information technology specialist and award winning landscape photographer.

I'm in my thirties and I've always been passionate about technology, multimedia and especially about photography. Over the years this hobby evolved simultaneously with my passion to travel, which led me to visit some of the most interesting places and natural wonders of my country, portraying them with my own peculiar style.

The appreciation of one picture can be very personal, for sure. The consent of the public is something extraordinary and satisfiyng but I never took a picture only because of that purpose: I'm not expecting to be appreciated to everyone, but with my pictures, I'm simply attempting to do what I like to do, as better as I can.

Over the years, I've used a lot of types of cameras, from low cost compact ones to high quality reflex. Through time, the cameras bodies and the lens evolved more and more becoming from amateur to professional, with a steady increase of quality and (unfortunately) of prices: I'm currently using the fullframe α mirrorless system by Sony, that represent the best combination between portability, sensor and lens quality for my own needs.

After all, the gear is undoubtedly important but in the end, it's always the photographer who makes the difference!

If you want, you are welcome to share my photos on socials, blog, etc.
All I ask is that you provide attribution to me by name and include a link back to my website ( www.edoardoangelucci.com ).

For buy a license to use my images for publications, web commerce and so on, you can contact me in Italian or English at info@edoardoangelucci.com or using the contact form in the menu.

I'm also on  flickrinstagram and tumblr

                                                                                                                                                               Enjoy my pictures!

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